Less harmful CO2 emissions thanks to a larger payload.

Reduced carbon footprint

Flexible configuration / arrangement

Low cost per kilometre

60% more loading capacity

Payback period: 1 year

An impression of the Double Deck

double deck burgers
double deck burgers

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60% more loading capacity… Reduced carbon footprint

Double Deck production

All aspects of Double Deck production take place in Aalsmeer and the number produced has grown to around three hundred trailers per year. This has been achieved by accelerating the process and increasing the number of production lines in the factory. In the past ten years, the Double Deck trailer has developed into an extremely effective transport solution, causing demand on the European market to soar.

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Low cost per kilometre… Payback period: 1 year

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Loading volume

Loading volume: roller conveyors make it possible to use the entire void just in front of the wheel arches when working with pallets. This creates space for 52 Euro pallets or 41 pool pallets in a 3-axel configuration. When working with roller containers, the roller conveyors won’t be required and, depending on their size, the maximum number of roller containers will be 85.

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Due to the limited ground clearance, all the components are securely concealed behind various side panels, which can be accessed from inside as well. The components are therefore less sensitive to wear and tear and easier to maintain. Even the driver has been thought of, as it’s also possible to adjust the ride height from inside the cabin and the tailgate can be operated in several positions.

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Responsible trailer 

Since the Double Deck has 60% more loading capacity than a standard trailer, the number of journeys required by three standard trailers can be achieved with two Double Deck ones. The higher investment required for a Double Deck can thus be recouped within a year. The money saved on for example not having to purchase a new truck, driver wage costs and fuel costs are a result of this reduction in kilometres. The Double Deck also has a European type approval, making it suitable for use throughout Europe, across borders.

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Flexibel layout 

The Double Deck trailer helps protect the environment and, thanks to its aerodynamic design, consumes less energy. In addition, it can transport more volume per journey, reducing the number of journeys required as well as the carbon footprint. All in all, the Double Deck reduces the cost price per kilometre travelled.


Various layouts 

The Double Deck trailer is available in different models and with different axle configurations. For example, with two or three axles which can be fixed or steered. In terms of load-bearing capacity, there is a choice of 9 or 10 tonne axles. And in addition to the long 13.6-metre trailer, the Double Deck trailer also comes in a City model. This, certainly in combination with steering axles, is very suitable for deliveries in urban areas. The Double Deck trailer can moreover be used in LHV combinations.

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Multi-Deck lift 

The Double Deck is equipped with a Multi-Deck lift for loading and unloading, which is available as an external or internal-external lift. The external lift completely closes the Double Deck; the Double Deck with internal-external lift has rear doors and a tilting device, thus creating a loading tunnel. The platform comes in different lengths and is equipped with a hydraulic tilting device, fold-up gates with a lift control panel and side ramps. The Multi-Deck lift meets the strictest safety requirements.

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Cooling systems 

The total volume of approx. 110 m³ can be arranged according to the customer’s requirements. For example, the intermediate floor can be adjusted and partitions can be placed lengthways and/or transverse bulkheads fitted. This creates more compartments, which can be cooled or heated at different temperatures. The load-securing systems can also be fitted according to the customer’s specifications.

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Payback period of 1 year 

Various brands and models of refrigeration units can be installed on the insulated Double Deck model. If there are several compartments, the evaporators and ducts will be prepared for this and the space in the gooseneck used to install the extra components. The back of the insulated model can be fitted with rear doors or a moveable bulkhead. The FRC/ FNA certificate is also one of the options.

Did you know that the Double Deck can be used in various industries?


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